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Νέα κολεξιόν 2021-2022

High-end fashion inspiration meets glamour, elegance and luxury!


Prestigious femininity gets real!

The ultimate sur-mesure experience!

-Mary Theotoki-

Νυφικό με ανάγλυφη λεπτομέρια στο μπούστο

Mary Theotoki

Mary Theotoki took her first steps in the fashion industry in 1980.

He studied for 4 years at the famous Tsopanelis Haute Couture Maison and School of Design, where he was introduced to the high art of handmade sewing.

Over the years, her knowledge of haute couture and sur measure techniques became deeper and broader as she collaborated with Italian masters of the genre, with whom she exchanged ideas and cultivated her imagination in design.

Her creations, influenced by her aristocratic origin, stand out for their finesse! The luxurious fabrics, the French lace, the intricate accessories and the handmade embroidery exude a glam and elegant aesthetics!

Today, after 30 years of experience in haute couture, Mary is determined for her respect for each woman's unique personality, her communication skills, her understanding and her insistence on perfection!

In a simple statement, he believes that "Success is when the result of your work speaks for you! »

νυφικό σε στενή γραμμή με μπέρτα
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